Avraham Y. Ebenstein

Avi Ebenstein received his Ph.D. in economics from University of California, Berkeley in 2007. His fields of interest include environmental economics, health economics, and economic demography. Dr. Ebenstein's past research examined the impact of fertility control policy in China on the sex ratio, and investigated policies that might address the "missing girls" phenomenon in Asia. He also explored linkages between declining fertility and increasing female labor supply in Taiwan and the United States in a comparative study. His current research examines the health impacts of environmental deterioration and the design of effective environmental policy, with a focus on developing countries.

He presented his paper "Estimating a Dynamic Model of Sex Selection in China" at the 2008 CESI. At the 2009 CESI he presented "Water Pollution and Digestive Cancers in China."

Department of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem