The Comparative Analysis of Legislative Behavior

The aim of the conference was to bring together scholars who study various aspects of legislative behavior. The conference offered scholars the opportunity to present, compare and discuss their latest legislative behavior theory, methodology or empirical research based on datasets of roll call votes from legislative bodies throughout the world. The main goals of the conference included, but were not limited to: advancing the analysis of legislative behavior by examining new legislative roll call databases in a comparative perspective; encouraging the advancement of statistical and econometric estimation techniques relying on roll call votes using both longitudinal and cross country data; and spurring the development of theories of voting behavior and coalition formation. The workshop gathered experts on legislative behavior from a variety of methodological perspectives and covered a diversity of geographical regions. The conference was sponsored by CIG and the UC San Diego Department of Political Science. The conference was held at the Del Mar Inn, north of the UC San Diego campus. For a conference schedule, please click here. For conference papers, please click here.