Robert Koopman


Robert Koopman is the Chief Economist at the USITC, leading a team of 45 economists who provide economic insights on internatinal trade and competitiveness issues to the U.S. Congress and the Administration. he has worked on economic and trade policy issues in an applied setting for over 22 years. 

He previously held a number of leadership positions in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service and worked with the Land Grant University system through USDA's Cooperative State Education, Extension, and Research Service leading the social science portfolio. 

He regularly provides technical assistance training on applied economic policy analysis to developing countries and enjoy teaching a graduate course on trade and development at GWU. My current research focus is on the development and use of a large scale economic model of the US economy.

He presented a joint paper "How much of Chinese exports is really made in China? Assessing domestic value-added when processing trade is pervasive" with Shang-Jin Wei, and Zhi Wang at the 2008 CESI.

USITC (United States International Trade Commission)
Chief Economist