Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation: The Shifting Roles of the EU, the US and California

Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation

The Shifting Roles of the EU, the US and California Edited by David Vogel, University of California, Berkeley, US and Johan F.M. Swinnen, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and the Centre of European Policy Studies (CEPS), Belgium

US Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation features eleven original essays by leading academics of regulation on both sides of the Atlantic. They explore topics such as the impact of federalism on regulatory policies both within the US and Europe, the transatlantic dynamics of water policy, climate change, pesticide and chemical regulation, and biotechnology. A primary focus of this timely study is on the shifting roles of California and the EU as regulatory leaders and ITS impact on future regulatory cooperation across the Atlantic. Contributors: A. Alemanno, C. Ansell, J. Balsiger, G. Bouleau, C. Busch, B.E. Cain, A.E. Carlson, I. Clark, D. Farber, M. Hanemann, C.G. Hioureas, G. Hochman, K. Klein, G.M. Kondolf, A. Marx, A.C.M. Meuwese, G.C. Rausser, H. Riss, M.R. Schwarzman, J.F.M. Swinnen, D. Vogel, M.P. Wilson, D.E. Winickoff, J. Wouters, D. Zilberman

'In this increasingly globalised regulatory environment there is a need to better understand how the world’s two most active trade-blocks are cooperating especially with regard to pending complicated regulations be it REACH or the proposed revision of US TSCA. In this most timely book, Vogel and Swinnen bring together an outstanding group of scholars to help explain the delicate and important intricacies of present policy debates, making the volume essential reading for policy researchers, regulators and consultants active in the area.’ – Ragnar Lofstedt, King’s College London, UK 

David Vogel and Johan Swinnen have assembled a first-rate book on regulatory cooperation between the US and EU. The case studies provide detailed and nuanced analyses of policy areas from water to climate change and biotechnology, and the concluding chapters offer well-judged and balanced assessments of the regulatory challenges for future transatlantic relations.’ – Robert Falkner, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

‘Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation represents a cutting-edge contribution to the study of economic regulation, and in particular the prospects for cooperation between the US and the EU as the world’s dominant economic blocs. The authors, among the leading scholars in their fields, provide theoretically and empirically informed studies of transatlantic cooperation and conflict in areas such as the environment, climate change, food safety, and genetically modified foods, deriving provocative and compelling policy recommendations from each. The discussion of federalism, and the opportunities and constraints it presents for international cooperation, is superb.’ – Mark A. Pollack, Temple University,

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