EU Energy Challenge Working Papers

Adam B. Smith International biodiversity governance and complex problems: How can biodiversity conservation regimes address global warming?
Alberto Alemanno How to get out of the Transatlantic Regulatory deadlock over GMOs? This is Time for Regulatory Cooperation
Ann E. Carlson California Motor Vehicle Standards and Federalism: Lessons for the European Union
Anne Meuwese EU-US Horizontal Regulatory Cooperation: Two global regulatory powers converging on how to assess regulatory impacts?
Bruce E. Cain
Christina G. Hioureas
Transatlantic Environmental Regulation-Making: Strengthening Cooperation between California and the European Union
Chris Ansell
Jörg Balsiger
Transatlantic Perspectives on Persistent Organic Pollutants and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Chris Busch
Michael Hanemann
Climate Change Policy in California: Balancing Markets Versus Regulation
Daniel Farber Legal Guidelines for Cooperation Between the European Union and American State Governments
Frans van Waarden Governing Global Commons: Public-Private-Protection of Fish and Forests
Gabrielle Bouleau
Matt Kondolf
Rivers of Diversity: Evolving Water Regulation in California and the European Union
Heike Nitsch
Andrew Manale
Bernhard Osterburg
Agriculture and the conservation of wildlife biodiversity - Comparative analysis of policies in the USA and the EU.
Jacopo Torriti
Ragnar Lofstedt
To compete or to cooperate? This is an Impact Assessment question
Jan Wouters
Axel Marx
Nicolas Hachez
Private Standards, Global Governance and Transatlantic Cooperation
Katja Biedenkopf Policy Diffusion and Environmental Pioneership: Insights for Transatlantic Cooperation fostering Biodiversity and Biosafety?
Megan R. Schwarzman
Michael P. Wilson
Reshaping Chemicals Policy on Two Sides of the Atlantic: Ecosystem Impacts of Current Approaches and the Promise of Improved Sustainability through Regulatory Cooperation
Sabine Reinecke
Till Pistorius
Christine Schmitt
Jürgen Hauber
Georg Winkel
The Environmental Leader entangled in institutional chains? An Analysis of the European Union role in international forest biodiversity policy using the case of genetically modified trees.
Ann E. Carlson California Motor Vehicle Standards and Federalism: Lessons for the European Union
Chris Ansell Pesticide Regulation in the EU and California
Daniel Farber Constitutional Restrictions on Regulation by American States Democracy
Daniel M. Kammen Investing in the Future: R&D Needs to Meet California, US and EU Energy and Climate Challenges
Daniel M. Kammen Renewable Energy in the United States and Options for a Low-Carbon Foreign Policy
Gal Hochman
Gordon Rausser
David Zilberman
U.S. versus E.U. Biotechnology Regulations and Comparative Advantage: Implications for Future Conflicts and Trade
Ian Clark Identification of lessons learned and suggestions for the development of Regulatory Cooperation between California and the European Union
Kendra Klein
David E. Winickoff
Food Labels and the Environment: Organic Reguation and Its Problems in the US and EU
Larry Karp
Jinhua Zhao
Regional and International Environmental Agreements: Emissions trade, safety valves and escape clauses
Larry Karp
Jinhua Zhao
EU-California Environmental Agreements: the role of trade in emissions permits and escape clauses
Michael Kirschner Manufacturing industry challenges and responses to EU and California product-targeted environmental regulations
Michael V. McGinnis Biodiversity loss in a changing climate: The importance of coastal marine ecosystem-based regulatory policy in the Euro-Mediterranean, US and California.
Runar Brannlund De-Carbonizing California and the EU