Paris Attacks Panel: What to say? What to think? What to do?
Should and Will Guantanamo Close?
Burn Baby Burn, French Style? The roots of the riots in Urban France.
Professor Loïc Wacquant, department of sociology, UC Berkeley
Professor Tyler Stovall, department of history, UC Berkeley
Partner University Fund's "Transatlantic Network of Scholars on Muslims' Religious Identity, Secularism, Democracy, and Citizenship" Presentations  
Mahan Mirza, University of Notre Dame
Elise Massicard, CNRS Paris
Munir Jiwa, Center for Islamic Studies-GTU
Soraya Tlatli, University of California Berkeley
Closing Panel on How to Face the Challenge of Religious Norms in the Public Sphere
Chair: Marco Ventura, University of Siena
Olivier Roy, RSCAS
Naomi Seidman, Center of Jewish Studies at GTU
Ebrahim Moosa, Duke University
Sr. Marianne Farina, DSPT
Imam Faheem Shuaibe, Mosjidul Waritheen
Norms in the Madrasa-Sphere: Between Tradition, Scripture and the Public Good Ebrahim Moosa, Duke University
Asian Countries Cases
Chair: Pradeep Chhibber, University of California Berkeley
Sophie Lemière, Science Po Paris
Marco Ventura, University of Siena
Nargis Virani, New School
North American Countries Cases
Ron Hassner, University of California Berkeley
Pasquale Annicchino, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies
David Koussens, European University Institute
Sr. Marianne Farina, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
The Case of European Countries
Leti Volpp, University of California Berkeley
Geneviève Zubrzycki, University of Michigan
Matthew Francis, University of Leeds
Valérie Amiraux, University of Montreal
Romain Sèze, EHESS
Christian Joppke, University of Bern
Sarah Song, University of California Berkeley
The Challenge of Secularism in the Political and Religious Spheres in the Arab World Belkacem Benzenine, NRCSCA in Algiers
The Debate of Islamic Norms in Arab Countries
Chair Hatem Bazian, University of California Berkeley
Enrique Claus, CERAM and CJB
Charles Hirschkind, University of California, Berkeley
Opening Remarks and Panel 1
Heddy Riss, University of California Berkeley
Olivier Roy, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
David Lieberman, University of California Berkeley
Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan
Peter Danchin, University of Maryland