Conference on the Penal State

Pieter Spierenburg From Community Control to the Penal State: The Ironies of History
Jonathan Simon Subversion and Penal States
Rucker C. Johnson
Stephen Raphael
The Effects of Male Incarceration Dynamics on AIDS Infection Rates among African-American Women and Men
Loic Wacquant The Place of the Prison in the New Government of Poverty
Kevin Gerard Karpiak Implementing Police Reform in Sarkozy's France
Franklin Zimring Reexamining the Death Penalty: Capital Punishment in the Reform of the Model Penal Code
Mark Toney Birth of a Movement? Activists Mobilizing for the Rights of Ex-Felons
Chris Wildeman Paternal Incarceration, the Prison Boom, and the Concentration of Childhood Disadvantage
Joshua Guetzkos The Governmentality of Welfare and Criminal Justice Policies
Gretchen Purser Cheap Work: The Use and Abuse of Parolees in the Day Labor Industry
Bruce Western Punishment and Inequality in America in the Era of the Prison Boom
Kellie Bryant When Power and Responsibility Collide: An Analysis of the Conflicting Role of the State Behind Bars in Johnson v. California
Alexandra Murphy From Community Control to the Penal State: The Ironies of History
Policy Feedback on a Captive Audience: How Prison Cultures Shape Civic Attitudes and Behavior
Mona Lynch, Acting Tough: The Politics and Policy of Mass Incarceration in Arizona, 1970-2000
Damon Mayrl A Movement in Theory? Resistance and Criticism in the Contemporary Prison Abolition Movement
Michael Massoglia Impact of Incarceration on Racial Disparities in Mental and Physical Health After Release
John Eason Squid in its Own Ink: Considering Race, Inequality, and Punishment in the Expansion of the Prison in Rural America
Brian Lande Bodies of Force: A Field Report on the Fabrication of Cops
Traci Schlesinger The Failure of Race Neutral Policies
Jodie Lawston Framing Strategies and Racial Privilege: Bridging the "Gap" Between Activists and Prisoners
David Garland American Capital Punishment: A Theoretical Problem for Sociological Analysis