Panel Discussion Tuesday September 27, 2016 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM | 223 Moses Hall With: 3 of the most prominent experts on campus will discuss: Are the EU actions founded? What is the right approach?What are the next steps?
The 9th China economic Summer Institute has taken place in Hong Kong from August 18 to August 20. Please go to to see the program and the working papers that were presented. The objective of CESI is to create a network and community of top level scholars working on Chinese economic development.. The CESI is currently co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center on Institutions and Governance, the Initiative on Global Markets at Chicago Booth, the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, and the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. The Summer Institute is organized in collaboration with the BREAD, CEPR and NBER networks of academic economists.
"The Egyptian Uprising of January 2011 was a bold moment in Egyptian history and its initial success led many to label that moment an "Arab Spring". Many things that followed did not go as imagined or planned. The election of an Islamist president, the issuing of several irregular presidential decrees, the deteriorating security situation in Sinai and the country, the intervention of the military, and finally his overthrow in another popular uprising were a few of the major events in Egypt in the immediate years that followed the first uprising, The speakers in this panel, all academics who are also public intellectuals, will provide an assessment of the current situation in Egypt following the second uprising of 2013 and the repercussions  of current regime's policies and the general conditions in Egypt today.
A panel of experts including former advisers in Bush and Obama’s administrations will discuss the American prison camp at Guantanamo, Cuba and address the questions of should and will the facility be shuttered.