Elections aftermath

An interdisciplinary group of more than 20 eminent UC Berkeley's faculty (economists, lawyers, journalists, historians, Ethnic Studies..) has organized a brainstorming initiative to come up with specific and concrete proposals that could be an alternative to the current administration policies.

One proposal that came out after 2 meetings  from Prof. Christopher Kutz is to build a Blue Wall around the states of California, Oregon and Washington. Blue states can’t secede from the Union, but they can form regional coalitions. The 3 states would engage in deeply-linked domestic policy initiatives and multi-state institutions and regulatory policies.

The most familiar area for regionalism involves cap-and-trade. Expanding trading markets brings more emissions sources into the system, allowing greater cost savings in achieving emissions goals. Regional trading may fit especially well with the regional organization of the electricity grid. Other areas where the 3 states have the similar policies are immigration and health care. Competition (e.g. trade agreements) and taxation could also be part of this regional coalition. These issues will be discussed during the next meetings.

Another proposal from Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman is to have a progressive Californian Wealth Tax ( 1% above 20 millions) and a reform of the corporate tax system  (tax on global profits and not only on profits made in the US with sales apportionment: e.g. if a company makes 10% of its sales in California it would pay 10% of its global profit as Californian taxes).

One of the objective of the group is to make those proposals public (e.g. through the media) and to meet with policymakers to discuss their feasibility and implementation.