Transatlantic Energy Efficiency: Analysis of EU and sub EU and US and sub US roadmaps


The first workshop took place in Brussels on September 23- 24, 2010 on the Analysis of EU and sub EU and US and sub US roadmaps for energy efficiency, presentation of other successful experience.

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This workshop presented the first wave of findings of the project in regard to energy efficiency plans

and performance


Overall – a global overview, and transport

The European Union overall, and in two case study member states

The US overall, and in two case-study States


The emphasis was on lessons learned, on what has worked, what can be learned from what has not

worked, and what direction policy should take in the future in order to maximise progress. Performance will include collateral benefits, such as reduced air pollution.


A key objective for the workshop was to get feedback with a view to improving the quality of the

final output.

It is a joint project of UC Berkeley' s iGov-Institutions and Governance Program with the Earth System Institute, University College, Dublin - Sustainable Energy Ireland - Centre for European Study Policy Studies (Brussels).

The project is funded by the European Commission (DG External Relations) within the framework of the pilot-program on Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges.


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